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NCTI is the acronym of Netherlands Centre for Technical Insulation.
It is the independent knowledge center and consultancy for industrial insulation in the Netherlands and abroad.


Dear relation, 
We regret to inform you that it has recently been decided that the NCTI Foundation will 
permanently terminate its activities and the Foundation will be dissolved. 
The background is a flawed financing model and the changed views of previous
and current NCTI partners.
However, we are pleased to inform you that the Foundation Committee for the Insulation
of Dutch Industry (CINI), one of the original founders of NCTI, has taken the initiative to
establish the CINI Academy to provide the sector-specific training courses
(whether or not in a new format) and thus meet the demand from the market and industry.
CINI also intends to offer appropriate training to become a CINI inspector and for
recertification of existing CINI inspectors.
For more information, we refer to CINI. 
We thank you very much for your trust and loyalty over the years and wish you every
success in the future. 

Board NCTI