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About NCTI

NCTI is the acronym of Netherlands Centre for Technical Insulation.
It is the independent knowledge centre and consultancy for industrial insulation in the Netherlands and abroad

The Dutch Insulation Association, VIB, is one of the founders of NCTI. NCTI is the official designated party for the provision of a complete package of CINI services in the field of industrial insulation knowledge and application. 


NCTI provides:
- CINI courses for applicator, engineer and inspector
- In company workshops and training, in-house and taylor made
- Independent insulation consultancy
- Dedicated Insulation specifications on company of asset level
- Inspections, supervision, audits and quick scans (with possibly thermography.)
- Insulation and life cycle cost calculations
NCTI develops and provides knowledge for all aspects of technical insulation process improvements, energy saving, emission reduction, plant integrity and plant optimization and to reduce corrosion under insulation worldwide. 


NCTI is active in the petrochemical industry, process industry, construction, energy sector, pharmacy, food industry, shipbuilding and offshore, horticulture, cold storage, or combinations of these sectors.
Technical insulation makes a major contribution to sustainability objectives as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).