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CINI course

NCTI enables interested parties the opportunity to obtain the necessary knowledge of industrial insulation or to increase by attending a course or training. The two-day course is based on the knowledge in the chain, which is enshrined in the CINI handbook and experience. The CINI course is designed for clients (producers), supervisors, inspectors, design and maintenance engineers and facility managers.

After the two-day course CINI are you able to apply professional CINI manual and select materials and systems. You will learn how insulation contributes to energy conservation and social responsibility and also after completion of the course you will know how the quality of the insulation and the underlying system assessed and can be perpetuated.

The course is held in Spijkenisse, in the heart of the Dutch Botlek. The course with enough participants given internally. The course can also be custom made in consultation and are offered as training. NCTI is happy to provide further information prepared through info@ncti.nl.

CINI course

Insulation systems in industry, introduction and use of CINI manual (partly on the basis of cases)
Quality of insulation system (objectives and prevention against corrosion) and requirements
Heat Loss, safety, health and environment
Energy saving, practical observations (inspection) and new developments