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CINI course 'Inspector Insulation for Industries'

The CINI Course “Inspector Insulation for Industries” is a 1‑day course for those wishing to become a certified CINI Insulation Inspector.
This course only can be followed by future inspectors that have attended the 2‑day CINI Course, who own the CINI Manual and have at least 2 years proven experience in the field of thermal insulation in industries. Candidates with an extended proven track record in thermal insulation practices are also welcome. Thereto all candidates shall submit their CV.
The CINI Course “Inspector Insulation for Industries” contains a class room workshop training covering in more depth the topics of thermal insulation, corrosion under insulation and the inspectors duties in new construction and maintenance projects.


In addition the candidate shall submit prior to the course a field case of own experience about an insulation inspection, a description and analysis of the problem and the technical solution of the same. This case shall be explained by the candidate during the course in a brief presentation with Q&A, to the board of examiners and the other candidates.


Furthermore the course will be completed with several tests comprising practical cases, multiple choice and descriptive questions designed to test the candidates understanding of industrial insulation techniques and the content of the CINI Manual.

Both for the field case and the several tests points can be scored. Candidates who reach the pass mark of 75% will receive a certificate card.
The certificate card is specific to the individual candidate and is valid for a period of 5 years.


After registration via the website, the participant will receive an official invitation with instructions, four weeks before the course. He shall submit a report regarding the field case prior to the course to the Secretariat of NCTI through info@ncti.nl. The CINI courses will be held in Spijkenisse in The Netherlands.

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  1. Thermal insulation (in depth summary)
  2. Corrosion under insulation (preventive actions) 
  3. Duties of insulation inspector in new construction and maintenance projects 
  4. Field case (input of participant: written report and presentation)
  5. Case field inpsection (2)
  6. Case insulation and finishing sheeting
  7. Multiple choice (20)

The certificate card is valid for a period of five years

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